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Chiropractic Brookfield WI Patient Testimonial at Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center

Chiropractic Brookfield WI Patient Testimonial at Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center

Chiropractic Brookfield WI Patient Testimonial at Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center

"After my treatments on the DOC Spinal Decompression I have enjoyed significant improvement and can say that for the first time in 10 years I have been able to sit in a car or plane for extended time without that nagging back pain. And I don't plan a future that involves surgery."

​- Ed Carow

"I have been having severe headaches, neck stiffness and pain (so bad that I could not keep my head straight) and numbness in my legs and feet for five years. I had tried every doctor, all the tests and therapy they recommended but nothing seemed to help. After consulting with Dr. Friedrichs he ordered an MRI and the results came back as a herniated disc in my neck. We started treatments on the DOC Spinal Decompression. Therapy was 20 sessions, 4 times per week and within 2-3 weeks my headaches and stiff neck were basically gone. After all the years in pain and now 99.9% pain free, I would greatly recommend Southern Lakes Spine Center and the DOC Spinal Decompression. Everyone is GREAT!!!

- Nancy Huibregtse

"The spinal decompression treatment provided by Dr. Friedrichs has enabled me to be pain-free. Before starting the DOC Spinal Decompression program, my pain level was at 8 of 10 - now I'm at a zero of 10. I recommended this program to a friend and she too is now completing her treatment with Southern Lakes Spine Center. I have spoken to several others as well. I feel this is an excellent program."

- Sharon Koch​

"Dr. Friedrichs and his staff put me at ease throughout the entire process and their commitment to quality patient care is second to none."

- Rick Eggert​

"The DOC Spinal Decompression has worked very well for me. The pain in my lower back was almost completely relieved right away.

- Eric Ryerson​

"I was headed for cervical fusion on 2 levels due to herniated discs pressing on my spinal cord. I was losing my balance, tripping, light headed and my vision was blurred. I had numbness and pain in all four extremities. I am so grateful for the wonderful care received at Southern Lakes and for such a great invention."

- Char Waters

"Before I learned about this DOC Spinal Decompression program I was in pain all the time. When doing little things around the house I had to stop what I was doing and rest to relieve the pain. I could only sleep an hour at a time on my side. It hurt so bad I had to turn to the other side. Now I can do more things for more than a half hour. And I sleep alot better on my side - more than three hours. It feels so good that I am not in pain when I am doing things around the house and when I am sleeping. It feels good to bend down and not be afraid your going to hurt. This DOC Spinal Decompression sure helped me. I feel much better. Thank you."

- Delores Hembel​

"I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I had a lot of pain in my back, hip and leg. I wanted to avoid surgery but was apprehensive about spending the money for a procedure which I was not sure would solve my problem. I am very glad I decided to commit to spinal decompression. After 20 treatments I am so much better. I would recommend the DOC Spinal Decompression to anyone with back problems"

- Ardeth Paternoster​

"I am impressed with how much my pain is relieved in the first nine visits for spinal decompression and stimulation treatments. Found it a completely pain free process and would suggest it for anyone with similar symptoms"

- Richard Lustig

"I am greatly improved in my walking and stability of motion. I had a great deal of pain in my left leg and that terrible pain is completely gone."

- Nona Schubert

"I was having low back pain due to a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. I tried multiple treatments with minimal relief. I have had 20 treatments on the DOC am feeling better than I have in almost a year and I am not taking any medications for pain. The DOC has treated the problem not just the symptoms like the other treatments I tried. I would definitely recommend this to others (and already have). Thank you Dr. Friedrichs and your phenomenal staff."

- Becky Brokmeier

"I had chronic pain and soreness in my neck and shoulders. I had to curtail strenuous activities and exercise. Along with constant headaches, my degenerating discs were effecting the quality of my life. Since other Doctors told me that surgery was my only option I felt like I had no choice. When I found out about the DOC Spinal Decompression and disc decompression procedure, I was skeptical. I thought - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is - I was wrong. My pain is gone, my range of motion has returned and I no longer have headaches. This skeptic is now a believer and a real example of the benefits that can be gained by disc decompression."

- Mike DeMartino

"I went from not being able to stand straight up, get up out of chairs or bed by myself, to playing catch with my son after just six (6) treatments.I am extremely happy I chose treatment with the DOC Spinal Decompression and Dr. Friedrichs."

- Russ Ackerman

"Now I can do things that were difficult for me. I walk straight. Nor do I lean over on a shopping cart anymore. This new treatment could help many people instead of having an operation."

- Gonhild Stefnuik

"I soon found myself pain-free and in better physical condition than I had been in a long time. I can honestly say the DOC Spinal Decompression has given me back my life."

- James Buggs