Over 190,000 Chiropractic Adjustments Provided.
Over 11,600 Spinal Decompression Treatments Provided.
When it comes to YOUR Spine - Experience Counts. Call today!

Welcome to Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center with offices in Brookfield and East Troy.  With over 25 of Chiropractic and wellness experience we are well equipped to help restore your spinal health to optimal function.  Our chiropractors will do our their to provide the care and kindness that you deserve and strive to serve you as best that we can.

Dr. Friedrichs became a chiropractor because of his own low back pain experience as a student athlete at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Injuring his back while playing basketball and getting lost in the medical attempt to help him. It wasn’t until he discovered chiropractic two years after his initial back injury that his life would change forever.  Now owning chiropractic offices in Brookfield and East Troy, Dr. Friedrichs has helped thousands of patients restore their spinal health naturally without drugs or surgery.

Growing up in Brookfield until age 10 and then moving to East Troy as a youth is the reason Dr. Friedrichs has practices in each location.   We are very easy to find in East Troy as we are just next to Piggly Wiggly on the west side of town. Our Brookfield location is just west of Barker Road on Capitol Drive. Nice large and easy parking for both offices. Spacious and comfortable offices with wonderful staff will greet you upon entering.




What sets us apart from some other chiropractic offices is our ‘tool box’, as we like to call it.  We have many ‘tools’ to help you get well such as Chiropractic, Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Digital X-ray for proper diagnosis, DOC Spinal Decompression ‘True’ Spinal Decompression, Rehabilitation Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Coaches and other ‘tools’ in our ‘toolbox’ to help you get well.  Not all patients need the same approach to getting well and by having options to help you, depending on the specific condition, we feel confident we will be able to help restore your health.


We care for patients that are suffering from serious neck and back conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative discs, arthritic spines, stenosis and others as well as less complex conditions of the spine.

Experience counts when it comes to your spine.  If you want an experienced doctor of Chiropractic to help you - then call Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center.  With over 25 years of chiropractic experience and over 11,500 spinal decompression treatments performed, Dr. Friedrichs is well equipped to help you get well again.  Call us - Experience counts.