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A second opinion is vital in this world of health care 'business'. As it has become a business, rather than a healthcare service. In the interest of long-term health and wellness, we have developed a second opinion opportunity for you, the individual, to submit your MRIs or X-rays to a team of wellness providers, chiropractors, and health consultants for patients in Brookfield WI. We will then provide you with a non-biased opinion for the care of your current ailment that may help you enjoy life to its fullest once again.

Why Get A Second Opinion in Brookfield WI?

Second Opinion Spine Care is solely interested in providing you with care options as a second opinion. Our policy does not allow us to refer you to an affiliated doctor. You choose, along with your current physician, a path of health with another opinion in hand. Therefore, we are able to maintain a consistent and honorable method of non-biased treatment options for you to review with your personal doctor. This will help you determine the very best avenue for regaining your health and wellness without biased recommendations within the current healthcare business 'system'.

Our program is simplistic. Simply submit your questionnaire along with your X-rays and or MRIs through our HIPPA-protected server and expect a second opinion treatment recommendation from one of our team of experienced doctors within seven days. Additional time may be needed depending on the number of documents you are requesting for review. Our goal is to help you understand your treatment options and along with the direction of your personal physician or doctor to help you enjoy life to its fullest. Understand that our opinions and recommendations are currently based on over 160 years of combined health and wellness service in traditional and non-traditional care. We have no financial affiliation with any provider or service that may influence our opinion. This service does not attempt to replace any physical examination and or diagnostic testing. This service provides opinions for you to review with your current treating doctor.

Services and Pricing

  • Spinal MRI Second Opinion: $99
  • Spinal X-Ray Second Opinion: $99

Back pain? Neck pain? Sciatic pain? Chronic back pain? Degenerative Disc Disease? Herniated disc? Bulging disc? Arthritis? Back pain surgical candidate? Numbness or tingling? Not sure what to do? Who to see for help? Our doctors review your existing x-ray or MRI reports along with a detailed health questionnaire and provide you with an honest independent opinion as to what treatment would best suit you based on our doctor's clinical experience in spinal care.

  • Spinal MRI Review
  • Spinal X-ray Review
  • Independent Spinal Care Opinion
  • Educational Tools
  • Spine-Specific Treatment Recommendations
  • Independent of financial affiliation with treatment recommendations

Upon completion of your Second Opinion, a written report will be emailed to you from the doctor on our team who has completed your second opinion. Expect a report within 7 business days but this is not a guarantee as this depends upon documents received and unrelated circumstances out of our control. No refunds will be provided.

Why Choose Us

Unfortunately, many healthcare practitioners are obligated to recommend treatment based on who they work for. Many have protocols that strongly encourage internal referrals - to essentially keep the cash in-house. The beauty of Second Opinion Spine Care is that we are not obligated to recommend any treatment or care that we are affiliated with. This means we do NOT have any financial ties to the treatment you choose based on our independent opinion. Our opinions are based on the experience of our doctors in clinical spinal practice - Each with over 20 years of experience.


Waukesha, WI

"Second Opinion Spine Care has been wonderful. I am very pleased with their non-biased, independent, assessment and recommendation for my treatment. Their services allowed me to understand my condition better and help determine the right path in getting well again."


Waukesha, WI

"I was encouraged to get a second opinion about treatment for my lower back but I didn't know where to go. I browsed online and found Second Opinion Spine Care. It looked simple, reasonably priced and I didn't want to have to wait weeks to get into a doctor I didn't know. I'm so happy I did. The treatment recommendations made sense and when I shared with my doctor, he was in total agreement. This gave me a peace of mind to move forward knowing I had another set of 'eyes' reviewing everything for me. I'd recommend a Second Opinion every time!"

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Disclaimer: This service should be used for additional reviews and opinions only. This service does not intend to replace any diagnosis, treatment plan, or prescription provided to you by your physician, doctor, or another caretaker you are currently or have in the past consulted with regarding your health diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors provide opinions, not diagnoses or treatment plans. All opinions provided are to be shared with and consulted with your primary doctor in person to determine the best avenue of treatment to improve your health. This service does not replace or attempt to establish any patient-doctor relationship. This service provides nonbiased opinions on options for spinal care based on X-ray or MRI reports submitted to Second Opinion Spine Care. This service does not replace in-person consultation and or physical examination, which must be sought out individually with your personal physician or doctor of choice.


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