Nutrition in Brookfield WI

Your blood is our blueprint to your cellular health.  Benefiting from blood work and appropriate blood panels allows us to identify specific supplements and nutrients you may need to perform at your best.  Are you consuming supplements but are not sure if you are taking the right amounts or the right supplement?  Are you struggling with fatigue, headaches, unresolved gastro-intestinal issues?  Do you suffer from insomnia?   We focus in being precise in our nutritional recommendations and the best blueprint we can get is via your blood results.  No need to guess at which supplements to take.  Let us be precise.  Order the lab, review and recommend.  Then retest to assess progress 6 months later. Functional Nutrition in  Brookfield and East Troy gets to the root of the cause of your condition.  We do NOT cover up your symptoms with drugs.  We do NOT suppress your symptoms.  Lets correct the nutritional issue that may be limiting your body from expressing it's full potential with optimal nutritional therapy.