Lunch N Learn Program

Lunch n Learn Service

Dr. Friedrichs is well known for corporate and group - both large small settings - Lunch N Learn programs. Lunch N Learn programs are designed to educate groups on certain topics of health. Dr. Friedrichs and his staff bring lunch to your place of business or group function. During lunch Dr. Friedrichs presents to the group or business on a topic you select from his well known selections.

Most Lunch N Learns run approximately 30 minutes but vary from 15-60 minutes depending on the group or business. Topics of interest are listed here. For additional information, please reach out to our staff in Brookfield at (262) 695-1870 or East Troy at (262) 642-4100.

Topics for Lunch N Learn Progam with Dr. Friedrichs include:

  • Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Headaches GONE - 3 Secret Tips
  • Posture - Your Key to a Healthy Spine
  • Back Pain GONE - 5 Secrets to Elimination of Back Pain
  • Weight GONE - 3 Secrets to Reducing Inches and Weight
  • Nitric Oxide - The Miracle Molecule and How it Improves Health
  • Why Diets Alway Fail and the Toxicity Link
  • Structural Balance and the Physical Stressor