Contour Light Therapy in East Troy WI

Contour Light Therapy in Brookfield and East Troy is the latest and greatest way to manage your weight along with a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep.

If you want to lose inches and lose them fast - Contour Red Light Therapy is your answer. We offer a money back guarantee on your first visit. If you don't lose an inch on your first visit (measureable) we will refund your money that day. We are so confident in our success that we offer this guarantee.

Contour Red Light Therapy is safe, effective and with no side effects other than losing inches - it is the program of choice to lose inches fast in today's day of high tech world. Simply lay down on a comfortable table with hundreds of soothing lights effortlessly penetrating the fat cells and shrinking them while the fat content is transferred to the interstitial tissues and sent to the liver for excretion. This amazing light therapy has been around for 40 years but only recently available and discovered for it's benefits in body management.