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Dr. John has presented to hundreds of groups and clubs and businesses sharing the benefits of Chiropractic and Wellness within our community and beyond.  Should your business or club request a presentation by Dr. Friedrichs, please inquire directly to Dr. Friedrichs at drjohn@spinalrevival.com.

Topics of Interest Include:

  • ​How to Stay Young - The First 100 Years
  • 8 Secrets to Avoiding the Flu
  • Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Good Posture - The Key to Spinal Longevity
  • 5 Secrets to Being the Best You Every Day
  • Arthritis and Accelerated Aging
  • Life of Balance to Optimal Health
  • Secret to Reducing Health Costs in the Corporate World

Chiropractic Care

Our Certified Massage Therapists provide therapeutic massage to assist our doctors in restoring normal and optimal function to your spine.  Tight and overused muscles will contribute to poor posture and spinal problems. Addressing these issues in a clinical program of care will improve outcomes of total spinal care.   Wisconsin Spinal Rehabilitation Center also utilizes Aqua Hydro Massage Therapy to assist in relaxing tight muscles prior to an adjustment and or decompression session.  

Speaking Engagements

Spinal Therapy

Your blood is our blueprint to your cellular health.  Benefiting from blood work and appropriate blood panels allows us to identify specific supplements and nutrients you may need to perform at your best.  Are you consuming supplements but are not sure if you are taking the right amounts or the right supplement?  Are you struggling with fatigue, headaches, unresolved gastro-intestinal issues ?  Do you suffer from insomnia?   We focus in being precise in our nutritional recommendations and the best blueprint we can get is via your blood results.   No need to guess at which supplements to take.  Let us be precise.  Order the lab, review and recommend.  Then retest to assess progress 6 months later. Functional Nutrition gets to the root of the cause of your condition.  We do NOT cover up your symptoms with drugs.  We do NOT suppress your symptoms.  Lets correct the nutritional issue that may be limiting your body from expressing it's full potential with optimal nutritional therapy.  

We Provide 'TRUE' Spinal Decompression for both Cervical and Lumbar regions utilizing the DRX9000 'True' Spinal Decompression System.

Lumbar and Cervical Spinal Decompression Therapy with the DRX9000 

Before the DRX9000, individuals suffering from disc complications usually have been given pain medications, encouraged to abstain from physical activities, recommended for physical therapy, and if the symptoms continued or progressed patients typically have been sent for spinal surgery.

Conservative chiropractic care demonstrated significant relief in most patients, yet it is known that there are some cases when surgery is seemingly the only other option until now.

Decompression therapy is helping thousands suffering every day avoid surgery and renew their spinal health. Numerous patients sleep through the procedure and others may watch a DVD during treatment. This method is extremely relaxing and usually painless. 

If you have utilized decompression in another office and it isn't the DRX9000 True Spinal Decompression then it is possible you didn't experience 'True' Spinal Decompression.  There is a big difference.

Spinal Decompression

Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care is provided by our doctors of Chiropractic with a goal of restoring proper spinal alignment. With out proper spinal alignment the spine is not able to function at an optimal level and deterioration will likely develop over time. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are provided to assure spinal alignment, stability and optimal function.  With proper spinal alignment, the delicate nervous system is able to function at a high level which contributes to optimal overall bodily function. 

Our Spinal Therapy program, directed by Dr. Friedrichs, is designed to assist in restoring optimal function to your spinal regions and other areas of the body that contribute to healthy living. Working with muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints, spinal therapy aids in restoring proper movement, flexibility and strength to supporting tissues of the spine and core.
Utilizing spinal therapy modalities and specific spinal rehabilitation Dr. Friedrichs designs specific protocols for your condition with the long term goal of restoring function and an active lifestyle. Dr. Friedrichs proven protocols help you regain your active lifestyle.